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Leicestershire Master Gardeners offer free food growing advice and support for local people and communities.

We’re delighted that our enthusiastic Master Gardeners are now so active across the county of Leicestershire.

Each volunteer has innovative ways for inspiring households and connecting neighbourhoods to grow their own food and keep growing.

This exciting volunteer network was launched by Garden Organic in April 2014 in partnership with the Leicestershire County Council, Public Health.

Master Gardeners are actively supported by our locally based co-ordinator, Alison McGrath and the local borough or district councils.

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How does it work?

Master Gardeners in action

Garden Organic has the pleasure of recruiting community volunteers, Master Gardeners, who we train and actively support to promote the benefits of growing your own and healthy eating.

Master Gardeners offer local growing advice through council growing spaces, as well as events, talks, stalls, articles, and other innovative ways that suit their skills and lifestyle. Master Gardeners also mentor new food growers, offering 12 months free support to those just starting to grow their own food. It’s very exciting, and it works!

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What’s the point?

There’s huge interest in growing food and healthy eating. The public’s demand for allotments, advice, and support have increased massively thanks to high profile campaigns, food and health concerns, community growing networks, and a changing society intent on learning how to grow their own local, organic produce.

Master Gardeners have the important – and exciting – role of supporting these interested people. To offer them reasons to grow food, remove barriers against, teach growing skills and offer support. They are not imposed on the local growing scene, but come from it. They also promote related healthy eating activities by programme partners.

Master Gardeners believe that everyone can grow their own food, whether in a garden or allotment, on their balcony, a windowsill or on communal land. Whatever the crop, whatever the space, food growing is important for a healthy diet and lifestyle. It saves  money, teaches skills, and brings people together.

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