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Don’t let the weather get to you!


Master Gardener volunteer Radha Bellur has had a very busy week, despite the weather!

I had various ‘gardening schedules’ this week and the bleak weather forecast did nothing to inspire me on how to ‘action plan’. It is going to be a ‘wash out’, I thought, as I woke up on Monday morning. How wrong could I have been!





Monday (p.m.) 15th of May – at the Dementia centre , Kennedy House, South Wigston, Leicestershire.
There was respite from the downpour for the entire afternoon and we had a very productive session with the students of South Leicestershire College.  Remember my last blog in February, when I reported on planting seeds at the college?  Well, we managed to plant the seedlings that were ready, so as to get the ‘herb garden’ going this week.  Please see photos below of the students at ‘work’ or should it be ‘play’!


IMG_2623 IMG_2615 IMG_2628




















Tuesday (a.m.) – 16th of May – Brocks Hill Country Park, Oadby, Leicestershire
Cloudy skies, but the weather held out for the whole session. Students from the college arrived enthusiastically and we were able to ‘clear the nettles’ to pave the way for a raised bed on top of the hill that needed some TLC! Pictures below show what we accomplished. We also managed to plant ‘marrow, pumpkin, yellow and green courgettes that were ready to go into the soil. A new student who was on ‘a trial week’ to see if he would enjoy gardening seemed inspired enough to seek our reassurance that he be allowed to ‘stay on’.



IMG_2631 IMG_2633 IMG_2634



















Tuesday (p.m.) – 16th May – Manor High School, Oadby, Leicestershire.
At this point, we were not so lucky; the clouds had started to assert their status; but not even that could stop the eager students, who were looking forward to planting seeds directly into the ‘prepared’ raised bed at the school. Here are pictures to show their enthusiasm and ‘keen effort’. For an ‘after school’ club, you will admit, this was a triumph. We planted peas, runner beans and spinach. When it started to ‘chuck it down’ we took shelter in the green house and the children created little plant pots with sunflower and beans, to take home.
Moral of the experience – never let the weather stop you! Oh, and the bonus – we did not have to water the plants!

IMG_2639 IMG_2640 IMG_2641 IMG_2645




















Wednesday – 17th May – My garden
The notice board reads – ‘CLOSED FOR THE DAY’!


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