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South Leicestershire College Students Help to Develop Community Gardens Around Oadby & Wigston


Master Gardener Radha Bellur has been working with students from the South Leicestershire College to do some gardening in community growing spaces around Wigston:



6th March – Kennedy House Dementia Group

A very productive afternoon at J & S services which operates the dementia group at Kennedy House. I joined an eight member group from South Leicestershire college, including their support team headed by Joanne Smith, to meet with Julia who runs the place.  It was really encouraging to see that the students had done some research on ‘dementia’ before arrival. It was an introductory afternoon as we were quite a few of us. We got to learn a bit about the space as we raked the old leaves off the lawn and tidied up the borders and the raised bed. Dave Cliffe from Voluntary ACtion Leicestershire kindly helped to ‘fetch and provide’ the tools to keep the event flowing. It was a glorious afternoon and the enthusiasm of the students made the task seem effortless and fun. We are all looking forward to our next session in a fortnight, 20th of march when we hope to continue with ‘digging n planting’! The garden offers offers a unique opportunity to design something special for people with dementia.


7th march – Brocks Hill Country Park

I joined Hollie in supporting the south Leicestershire students with learning disabilities on the project to revive the raised beds at brocks hill. It was an introductory session which revealed the interest and commitment of the students and their support staff. The weather was gorgeous and we used this opportunity to conduct most of the session out in the field! We included the activity on getting to know our creepy crawlies with the ‘friends n foes’. The half hour spent on this was educationally relevant and proved to be both stimulating and fun. Holly then introduced them to the tools and ran a session on  ‘safety’. So now we are all set to begin ‘digging n planting’ in a fortnight’s time, which is when we meet again. The aim with this project will be to create an environment that encourages wild life, stimulates an interest in the students about healthy eating through organic gardening practises and to instil a sense of community sharing when the produce is ready to harvest.

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