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Learn to Make Your Own Garam Masala

Spice up your cooking with this gorgeous, aromatic concoction, a world away from the dull pre-packaged variety found in the shops.  It’s easy to make and even better if you use some of your own ingredients.

Did you know that coriander, sown in July and given some cloche/greenhouse protection, can keep producing delicious leaves into December?   If it bolts (produces flowers) it is a fantastic food source for insects and particularly those hoverflies that will eat your aphid foes.  Once finished, the flowers will set seed that you can leave on the stalk to dry until it is brown and use in your own curries and soups.

Have a go at growing cumin or turmeric to include more of your own ingredients.  Our Master Gardener volunteers are always happy to help novice growers learn new skills. Unfortunately, even they can’t help you to grow nutmegs and cinnamon in the UK!

Garam Masala recipe

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