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Make your own Mincemeat for Christmas with Windfall Apples


This recipe makes a tangy and fruity mincemeat, much less sweet than the shop bought variety and an ideal way to use up your bruised windfall apples.  Add your choice of alcohol if you like.






1600g Peeled and cored apples (doesn’t matter if they go brown before mincing)

570g Currants

120g Raisins,

450g Sultanas

120g mixed candied peel

900g Sugar

170g vegetarian ‘suet’ (Atora do one)

Rind and juice of 1 lemon

1/2 nutmeg


A sharp knife for peeling and coring

A mincer or kitchen blender

A couple of large bowls for the apples and dried fruit

Another large bowl for the minced mixture

A bowl to catch the drips from a mincer and maybe some newspaper for the floor!

A nutmeg grater

A lemon zester

A lemon juicer

A Mixing spoon

glass jars

sterilising tabs/Milton



  1. Sterilise your jars. I heat them from cold  to 220 degrees C on a tray in the oven and let them cool before filling.  Immerse the lids in boiling water for 20 mins.  Alternatively, you could use a bucket full of a weak solution of Milton or some steri-tabs and then rinse the jars and lids well. This can be done in advance if the lids are screwed on tight until they’re used.
  2. Mince the apples together with the dried fruit into a large bowl. This can be messy as it generates a lot of juice but is fun. I use the hand mincer but it works just as well in a kitchen blender, as long as you stop while it’s still lumpy and don’t make a puree.
  3. Pare the zest off the lemon and chop finely
  4. Juice the lemon
  5. Add the sugar, spice, zest, juice and ‘suet’ and mix really well.
  6. Transfer into sterile jam jars and store in the fridge. Allow at least 24 hours before use. Lasts for 2-3 months.



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