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Fifteen New Master Gardeners Join the Network

A Tour of the Community Orchard

Leicestershire’s first Master Gardeners gathered at Brocks Hill Visitors centre in Oadby on Saturday for a weekend of induction to the programme.

The fifteen enthusiastic gardeners prepared to get out and share their passion for food growing with the people of Leicestershire, sharing stories of treasured crops, from giant garlic to heritage kale, and discussing the many uses of comfrey, horticultural and herbal.

Workshops ranged from helping children to sow seeds in paper pots to growing micro-greens and there was animated discussion of the many health benefits of food growing.  Some volunteers had stories of people they had already mentored, ranging from neighbours and grandchildren to residents of local narrow boats.  In the hothouse of the classroom, ideas for future projects proliferated.

The highlight of the weekend was a tour of the community orchard.  Standing in the meadow grass amid the dancing butterflies, discussing local heritage apples and ‘scrumping’ mulberries, offered a memorable respite from the humid heat of the classroom.

For those wishing to join this pioneering group of Leicestershire Master Gardeners, another induction weekend is planned for the weekend of 20th & 21st September.

Contact Alison McGrath, Leicestershire Master Gardeners Volunteer Coordinator on 07584 343847 or

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  1. marthaworsching says:

    Yes, the next Induction weekend took place on 20th and 21st September in Barwell: we all learned a lot more about organic gardening and things you can or cannot do in the colder part of the year. We came away with lots of interesting materials and new ideas how to engage other people in gardening. And the seeds we got are fantastic – we’ll just have to wait still before sowing them.
    Huzaifa and I who attended are from the Loughborough campus garden where we engage students to find out more about growing flowers and veg, learnign more about nature in general. This Saturday we are organising a workshop on sowing winter salads and growing house plants from cuttings. We just hope that the weather won’t be too unkind. The workshop is open to students and the community in general. We’ll have a chance to show some of the materials from the Master Gardeners Training, such as the wonderful Planner which is up in our centre.
    Huzaifa and I are also part of the local Transition group, and there is an interesting event on tomorrow at Fearon Hall in Loughborough where some of us are involved:

    Local food event at Fearon Hall, 11th October 2014

    FEARON HALL, Rectory Road, Loughborough are holding a celebration of locally harvested food and produce to which all are welcome! It starts at noon on Saturday 11th October and goes on until 3pm in the afternoon. At the event there will be:
    • Travelling Tea Pot
    • Apple pressing
    • Trade your fruit and veg
    • Learn to make pickles and chutneys
    • Fresh soup from locally grown produce
    • and cakes too!
    • Volunteer for our allotment challenge
    • Children’s autumn arts and crafts
    • Seed planting for spring


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